How To Download Youtube Videos on Desktop

Coc Coc is not only a web browser, but also helps users solve math, solve chemistry, look up dictionaries on the spot, download YouTube videos 8 times faster than usual, access Facebook easily... Just install Coc Coc on your device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC, you can download YouTube videos or from any website extremely quickly without any additional installation.


Step 1: First, you need to download Coc Coc to your computer. After downloading and installing Coc Coc successfully, open your browser, type in the address bar then open the video you want to upload, wait a moment, the Download icon will appear in the top right corner of the bar. address.

Link Download Coc Coc : Click Here

Step 2: Click on the Download icon that will display the download. Next click the Download button to download the video to your computer. There is also an option here: Click the drop-down arrow button next to the word HD Movie to choose the format and quality of the downloaded video.

Or you can also click the download icon that appears right on each video.

Step 3: The download is complete, if you want to open the Video, there are 2 ways: 
    •  Method 1: Press Ctrl + J to open the download history, then click on the video to open it. 
    • Method 2: Click on the drop-down button next to the downloaded video (as shown) and select Open.

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